Half Price Tuition: Heritage Christian School

Please have your credit card ready to pay the FULL, half-off tuition on February 10, 2015.
Tuition voucher will be refunded if student is not accepted after application is submitted

Heritage Christian School
Address: 22882 Loumont Dr, Lake Forest, CA 92630
Website: www.heritagechristianschool.com
Grades offered: Preschool - 8
Tuitions Available: 2

Mission Statement:  Heritage Christian School is established as an independent Christian school in Orange County to provide an excellent educational experience based on the authoritative and inerrant Word of God. The goal is to facilitate the development of the student spiritually, academically, physically, emotionally, and socially; All for the Glory of God.

Info: Heritage Christian School seeks to glorify God through Christ centered teaching, academic excellence and Christian Service, all in a distinctly loving and nurturing environment. HCS believes that a strong and comprehensive academic program is essential in the student’s educational process. HCS is committed to surpassing all state standards mandated by The California Board of Education as well as far exceeding regional and national standardized testing scores. HCS offers a challenging core curriculum that is complimented by auxiliary classes such as Physical Education, Art, Music, Bible, Spanish and a state of the art technology program.
Student: Teacher Ratio - As HCS continues to grow, we are committed to providing an optimal Student/Teacher ratio that will cultivate an excellent learning experience for each student. In our outstanding Kindergarten program we provide a 1:9 ratio with a maximum enrollment of 18 students per class. First through Six Grades provides a 1:10 ratio with a maximum class enrollment of 20 students per class. Our Jr. High Students are assessed and placed in classes that best meet their needs. As a result, class enrollment varies from 10 to 20 students per class. Currently, our ISP High School has a ration of 1:1 teacher/student ratio. However, the ration may increase to 1:5 if students are taking similar subjects.
Curriculum: HCS curriculum provides a solid foundation for the development of the fundamentals of learning and will utilize a combination of Christian and traditional textbooks. In addition, and most importantly, the Bible will be integrated throughout the curriculum.
Faculty: HCS is committed to providing teachers who meet the standards described in our Mission Statement and Accreditation requirements. Grades K-5 are taught in a traditional classroom setting with one main teacher that provides the core curriculum. In addition, teachers for PE, Art, Spanish and technology are also provided. Sixth grade is intended to be a transition to Junior High and therefore combines a traditional classroom and a Junior High setting. Grades 7th and 8th are set up in a block schedule and students will have one homeroom teacher and variety of other teachers for each subject that is taught. HCS provides High School Students with individualized instruction (ISP) that meets their specific needs.
Technology: HCS provides each student with a comprehensive computer program presented by Beyond Technology. Each student not only completes the technology state standards but is taught to master the grade level expectations. HCS provides each 7th and 8th grader with a laptop that will be utilized and integrated in every aspect of the learning process!
 Grade Level  Regular Price  "FISH HALF OFF TUITION" Price
 **Preschool $5,425  $2,712
 K - 6th $8,020 $4,010
 7th - 8th $8,470 $4,235
Tuitions Available: 2

**Preschool: Minimum of 3 extended days required.

*This includes: Tuition, Registration, Books, & Materials.

Each tuition voucher is valid for the tuition cost for attendance at the specified school for the 2015-2016 Fall through Spring academic year (not including summer school). All other costs of attending the school, including books and supplies, uniforms, and fees to participate in sports or events, are not covered by the voucher and are the responsibility of the student and his or her parent or guardian. Only one voucher per school may be purchased or used by a household or family. Each voucher may only be used by a new student not enrolled or in the enrollment process at the specified school prior to February 10, 2015. Purchase of a voucher does not guarantee admittance for a student to the specified school, and the student must meet all school admission, attendance, and conduct requirements to enroll and attend throughout the school year. The voucher is not transferable, and may be used only by a family or household member of the purchaser. The voucher is not returnable or redeemable for cash, except if a school confirms to KFSH that a prospective student with a voucher completed all application requirements but was not admitted to the school, in which case upon request by the voucher purchaser KFSH will refund the cost paid to KFSH for the voucher. The voucher purchaser should consult with his or her tax advisor concerning the tax treatment of payment of tuition using the voucher.